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Across all the other pool companies we contacted, they were by far the only one who listened to us, our needs and our design. They built exactly what we wanted. Their suggestions and modifications showed experience and knowledge, which ended up greatly improving the outcome and the result. For complex, disruptive, and price sensitive project like that, communication is always key, Hristo and Miro have been very responsive and handled any questions and concerns with professionalism and care.

- Jerome Ajot, 2023

Subcomm built our pool and they did an amazing job. We interviewed multiple contractors and are very glad that we chose Subcomm. We are extremely happy with our pool! The owner answered all of our questions and has been always available for me whenever I have had questions. There were lots of staff that came over to do various tasks. They were all professional and the quality of their work has been exceptional.

- Mary Ferramosca, 2023

Good company, good staff. They built my pool and they service my pool. All I will say "Good job guys, thank you!"

- Andrei Avdeev, 2022

These guys did a superb job building out my new pool, I couldn’t be happier.

- Edward Lieberman, 2022

We hired Subcomm for a total rebuild of a pool and are in our second full season of maintenance. Our rebuild was complex and, of course, not everything was perfect right away. Subcomm addressed every concern, even the ones they found that we did not. They've been a great provider and always responsive to our concerns. The leadership and the field crew are all great to work with - we made a great choice picking them for this project and our ongoing needs for our pool.

- Larry Katzman, 2022

Really fantastic service. There are very adept at troubleshooting issues with our pool and support equipment. Highly recommend them to anyone. They have been our pool guys for over 4 years.

- Hans Lynch, Alexandria, VA, 2022

I highly recommend Subcomm to anyone who wants to construct a new pool or for any pool needs. Subcomm constructed my new pool, deck and pathway from the house to pool. They were super professionals, listened to all my needs and done amazing job. I'm very satisfied.

- Mike Tseytlin, Potomac, MD, 2022

Found this company a few years ago and I am so happy I did. Perfect service. Everyone is very friendly. One of the best things I like about them is they are not rushed when they open and close my pool. Could not be happier.

- Jerry Nelson, Falls Church, VA, 2022

Excellent service and quite knowledgeable about all aspects of pool maintenance. I would recommend them to others. We have been a customer for 10+ years.

- Tom L. Alexandria VA, 2022

I'm not big on writing reviews but I am so pleased with the service we have received from Subcomm Pools this summer that I felt it wouldn’t be right not to! My previous pool companies seemed to all rush through our weekly services but these guys take their time and take care of my pool like it is the only appointment of the day by making sure it is emaculate. In addition, at the beginning of the summer when I needed assistance with the filter system they were extremely responsive and took the time to walk me through all of my questions. I’m am so happy with this service!

- Stephanie Singh, 2021

After more than 5 years using Subcomm Pools, I could not be happier with the quality of service and professionalism of the pool operators. Office staff is friendly and responsive.

- Gus Crosetto, 2021

I hired Subcomm after last pool service company failed me three times. Subcomm is professional and responsive. Five stars!!!

- Martin Mandelberg, 2021

I've used four different pool companies over the past eight years. Subcomm does the best job by far for both pool repairs and weekly maintenance. Getting the other companies to come out to facilitate a repair was always difficult during the summer, but Subcomm has been prompt and thorough every time I need something. And their weekly maintenance is outstanding. I'm not surprised they get such good reviews. They definitely deserve it.

- Elise Langer, 2020

At the end of the second season using Subcomm I want to attest to how great they are. Hristo and his team are professional, polite, on time, and dedicated. And their fees are significantly less than their competitors. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

- S. G., 2020

Very professional, ontime and expert.

- Hossein Shahabadi, 2020

I hired Subcomm Pools to renovate my pool in 2018. This was not a usual renovation since it involved raising the bond beam to accomodate a new travertine pool deck and also replacing the skimmers. I talked to practically every pool company on the Northern Virginia area, including the original builder of the pool. I requested estimates from four and after a very thorough review selected SubComm to do the work. SubComm coordinated the work with the masons that installed the pool deck and with the contractor that installed a new automatic pool cover. The resut is spectacular... you can see a photograph on the SubComm website. I also had SubComm install a new LoopLoc pool cover and now have them open and close the pool. I've cycled through four pool service companies over the past 35 years. They all generally charge the same price but the quality varies greatly. Some don't bother to clean the pool when closing or openng. Most don't bother to balance the chemicals upon opening. I accepted this as standard procedure until I had SubComm do the opening and closings. I could go on but let me briefy summarize. Based on my experience, I highly recommend you consider SubComm for any pool restoration work as well asregular pool maintenance.

- Klio Piros, 2020

I highly recommend Subcomm Pools for all of your pool needs. They did the construction of my pool, open the pool at the beginning of the season and close pool at the end of the season. Their weekly maintenance is on-time and very thorough, at a reasonable monetary rate. I have used their services for three years, and again, highly recommend them with no reservation.

- Buddy Youngblood, 2020

Excellent service provided for several years!

- Renald Breton, 2020

I have been using the services of Subcomm Pools since 2016 and will continue for as long as we have a pool. Their service is the best in the business with a service crew that is beyond compare. Incredibly efficient and effective staff that have become like family. This company also refinished my pool surface last year and it was done to perfection. This company is very "user friendly" as they are immediately responsive to any inquiries and react in a professional and timely fashion. I would recommend this company without any reservation and as enthusiastically as possible. There folks are THE BEST!

- Steven Zimmerman, 2019

I bought an older house with a pool that sat vacant for 18 years before I bought it. Towards the end of the renovation we decided to renovate the pool as well. Well after several estimates the guys at Subcomm provided the best quote. They came in an did a complete renovation of all the pool systems including drains, pumps, heaters and a resurface of pool deck. Today (three years later) they are still my guys for taking care of the pool. They handle annual opening, weekly cleanings including chemical balancing and they also come close the pool at the end of the season. I recommend these guys to anyone that has a pool or will be buying a house with a pool.

- Troy E. Rogers, 2019

Excellent service at a fair price. Very knowledgeable and reliable.

- Gordon Clow, 2019

Subcomm Pools provides excellent service-way above what I expected. Staff is professional and knows the ins and outs of pools. They consistently check back to insure everything is in prime condition. I utilize the open and close with cleaning every two weeks and my pool worries and frustrations have disappeared thanks to Subcomm.

- Brooke Brewer, 2019

Use Subcomm for my weekly services. Settled on this company having tried a few. Great service. Attention to detail. Great prices. Accommodating of special requests.

- Karan Sood, 2019

Subcomm has been professionally caring for our "aging" pool for ten years (or more) and we couldn't be happier. They keep our covers and equipment in great working order and we even have biweekly cleaning and chemical testing. We no longer buy and store hazardous chemicals, we no longer clean covers, we barely do anything except enjoy a pristine, safe and inviting pool. And on the rare time the weather creates strange changes in the water quality, all it takes is an email request for a visit, and we are back swimming in healthy water. This is especially important to us because our two young granddaughters love swimming in grandma’s "special" pool. (The Nemo fish tile is a big drawer!) it took many many rip-off pool services but we have the GEM and heartily endorse Subcomm to you.

- Ann Chadab, 2019

I'm very satisfied with your company, and would highly recommend it, (as I already do with my friends and neighbors), to anyone who owns or is planning to build a swimming pool. A great team of dedicated professionals!!!

- Gus, 2019

I tried four pool companies before I found Subcomm Pools. They are honest, dependable, hard-working people... and reasonably priced! It's peace of mind to know they will come when they say they will. If it's not broken, they won't fix it.. honesty is priceless!

- Beth Swansen, 2018

The company offers complete care at a reasonable cost. They are responsible, come when they promise are punctual, complete and courteous I have used others and they do not compare with Subcomm.

- Annie Gawlak, 2018

I used Subcomm Pools for 4 years while living in Washington DC. Before them the experience with other companies were awful. Subcomm pools delivers excellent costumer service, on time schedule, hard working staff... I will always remember the great experience I had with them from my life in DC.

- Paula Castellano, 2018

We have been working with Subcomm Pools for several years. Finally found a company that is very good at what they do. Prices are right and very dependable. Thank you Subcomm!

- Bruce McConkey, 2018

We use them every year now, and they've been great. They work quickly and do a through job.

- Kim C, 2018

At the end of the second season using Subcomm I want to attest to how great they are. Hristo and his team are professional, polite, on time, and dedicated. And their fees are significantly less than their competitors. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

- S. G., 2018

I've used Subcomm Pools now for 3 (maybe 4 - memory is fading!) years. Wow! I switched from another pool company and never looked back. The principal - Hristo - is so incredibly responsive and his team are the nicest, most hard working, decent and competent people you could ever hope for. They have made owning a pool completely worry and work free for me - and at a very competitive cost. Whenever any issue came up (old Polaris creaking around, etc.), Hristo responded immediately and took care of everything. I really couldn't recommend them any higher. They are the absolute tops. BTW, my mom/dad, brother and aunt, all of whom have their own pools, also use him and are equally thrilled.

- Monique R., 2018

Very professional and fair pricing!

- Iraj Poorshaghaghi, 2018

Many thanks to everyone for a great season. Without a doubt, this past season has been the most trouble-free and well-maintained year we have had since we built the pool twenty-five years ago. Everyone who came to the house (Lio, Branislav and Martin) were extremely efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. The pool was clean and clear throughout the season without any problems. We could not have been more pleased.

In the upcoming weeks, I will call the office to schedule the re-surfacing of the pool for the upcoming 2018 season. I anticipate that it will be sometime in the middle of May so that we can then leave the pool open for the remainder of the season after the re-coating.

Please extend my thanks and best wishes to all for the excellent work this past year. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with the Subcomm "family"

- Steven & Nancy L. Zimmerman, 2017

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for the excellent quality of pool services rendered to me for the last ten years - give or take a few :) Your services allowed me to enjoy my home. Most importantly I thank you for your kindness and friendship, which I will miss. Please stay in touch.

Love & respect!

- Connie Summers, 2018

Kris and crew do very good work. They installed new tile and new plaster in our pool while fighting bad weather all the way. Subcomm kept us informed of schedule in a timely fashion and the end result is just terrific.

- Pete Janke, 2018

Subcomm Pools is a business that knows their pools! In my first couple of years in my newly-purchased home with an in-ground pool, I tried a couple of unsatisfactory pool companies. Then I was lucky enough to find these guys. They are true experts and they do great work. A+ Professionals!

- Jenelle Embrey, 2018

Subcomm restored my pool after a major tree accident demolished it. They completely removed several layers of old plaster and cleaned the pool cavity thoroughly. They replaced the tile on the inside rim of the pool, and installed the brick that outlined the outside. They replastered the pool and replaced all mechanical and other parts in it that needed to be changed. We have now a lovely new pool, at a great price, restored by a very friendly and thoughtful crew.

- Azizah Al-Hibri, 2018

I have been using using Subcomm pools for almost 10 years. They are very reliable, always fix problems immediately and pool looks blue and clear. I definitely recommend this company without any hesitation.

- Joumana Masterson, 2018

Consistently reliable and reasonable service over the several years I have been a customer. I recommend Subcomm Pools.

- James Callahan, 2017

We've tried at least 4 pool companies in Northern Virginia. Subcomm is easily the best and now our go to company. It's always easy to communicate and schedule with them over the phone or email. The crew is always super nice and do everything they can to make sure we are satisfied with every service. Most recently, Subcomm handled a heater repair for us that 2 other companies turned down (and said we would need to buy a new heater) before even diagnosing the problem. Put simply, Subcomm is legit... 2 legit!

- Kris Kirkwood, 2017

We've been using Subcomm Pools for three years and we are very pleased with their work and professionalism. Everyone is very nice and customer focused - they are always thoughtful in their recommendations and always provide you the pros and cons when trying to decide between two or more options. We have our pool maintained by them and have work done to include having our pool painted. I would highly recommend them.

- Lynetta Cheatham, 2017

Consummate professionals and fairly priced. We've dealt with four different pool companies and this is the only one that I would recommend.

- Chris Sizelove, 2017

I did quite a bit of research before selecting Subcomm Pools. Not only did they have the most detailed quote, they had the best price as well. Chris always returns calls and emails promptly and manages the project from cradle to grave. The entire crew takes extraordinary measures to protect your property throughout the redo. I got river rock and all new edge tiles and love how it turned out. If you want the best customer service team and the most competent planners and project managers, you'll want to with Subcomm.

- Hamaad Syed, 2017

Obtained 3 proposals for pool renovation services. Subcomm provided a detailed proposal and followed up quickly to answer questions. Selected this company based on proposal, responsiveness, and commitment to work with me on schedule. The work, which involved retailing, plastering, pump replacement, and pool opening, was well done and high quality. Subcomm kept me informed of all steps and schedule. Glad I selected the company.

- Jim Bulman, 2017

We have been using Subcomm Pools for the past few years and have been very happy with their service. They always respond promptly to any issues we may have with our pool. They do a great job cleaning and servicing our pool. We highly recommend them!!!

- Alex Galadari, 2017

Very dependable, reliable and prompt. Exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use Subcomm to open and close our pool.

- Dawnnvic Dan, 2017

I have used Subcomm Pools for the last 3 years to open and close my pool. I also use their weekly maintenance package during the season. In the past, I tried 3 different companies and there is NO comparison that can match this company. First, when you call the office, you will notice that they are very customer oriented. Most of the times, Khristo answers the phone and he is always very nice, professional and helpful. Second, the guys that do the weekly maintenance or open/close the pool are very professional. My experience with them has been great and I feel that I can trust them. There are very flexible to accommodate your requests and very responsive when you need to speak with them. Highly recommend them! Is hard to find a good pool company in the area.

- Mtb B., Fairfax Station, VA, 2017 (Review from )

Hristo (Chris), the owner, is very responsive and responsible. He has a crew that reflect his values and work ethic. I've contracted with Subcomm for going on four seasons, and I am very satisfied. Good people and skilled at what they do. My pool, which used to be the bane of my existence, is now just a joy.

- Monique Roth, 2017

Exceptional service. Subcomm pools always makes me feel like I'm their most important customer!

- Jerry Diaz, 2017

Chris, once again your company exceeds my expectations. If you need a reference for any one please free to call on me. Bravo, Subcomm Pools!

- P Beck, 2017

I have been using Subcomm Pools for several years now. Opening, Closing and a resurfacing of my pool bottom. Oh, I can't forget about the installing of our Heatpump water heater for us a few seasons back...Theses guys have taken care of all my needs when it came to my pool. I truly am thankful for their knowledge...Thank You Subcomm Pools!!

- Phyllis Jones, 2017

I am lucky I found these guys! Great customer service. They respond within hours even on the week-ends. My pool is sparkling clean thanks to Chris and his team!

- Natalya Danilyants, 2017

I can't say enough about Subcomm Pools. They helped us renovate our severely damaged pool when we moved into our house, and have provided us expert advice and services ever since! We currently use them for opening and closing, but have had weekly service in the past and are very happy with their professionalism and expertise. We will definitely use them for our next big project (new pool deck)!

- Erika C, 2017

A most awesome and great pool service company, friendly, fast, and great value!

- Carlos Villamar, 2017

Subcomm Pools transformed an unusable, old terrible pool into a brand new, summer paradise for me and my family. Not only that, they were extremely polite, respectful and answered all my questions promptly. HIGHLY recommend.

- Frank McGuire, 2017

Excellent, friendly service at a fair price.

- Nigel De Coster, 2017

So far they have been awesome. I told Chris he must be a great husband because he has been so helpful in working and reworking and reworking pricing for me as I kept changing my mind on boarder tile. He was so patient, kind and knowledgeable. I can't wait to see the finished product!

- Amy Picone, 2017

This team originally came out on a service call. They where so knowledgeable, and helpful I wanted them to continue to provide maintenance pool service which included open/closing our pool. I would highly recommend.

- Lisa Williams, 2017

We are extremely happy owners of a brand new swimming pool. Thank you Subcomm for the great experience! We had three companies come out to our house to draw up plans and give us estimates. We picked the one that we thought would do the best job and gave us the best design and prices. Our designer was very efficient, thorough, and answered our questions, and the project manager went way out of his way to make sure we were happy. Every single person we dealt with was excellent, friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to the fun family time we can enjoy in and around the pool.

- Irina P., Colonial Beach VA, 2017

I really liked the work. It was done in a reasonable time, and at a good price.

- John Pholeric, 2017

The best in pool care! Highly professional and knowledgeable staff. Reliable and I don't know how my summers would be without them! What a great team... and they transformed my pool into a beauty!

- Kimberly Rice, 2017

Great company to deal with. Very fast and professional work. They take care of 3 pools for me. Thanks!

- William Thompson, 2017

Always a great service experience. I recommend you guys to all I meet. See you guys soon!

- Peter Beck, 2017

Greatest pool service company EVER!!!

- Paul S, 2016

Subcomm replastered our pool. They did it quickly, professionally, and at a reasonable price!

- John P, 2016

Could not be more pleased with my service. Great team, great service, great prices! Can't be matched!

- Angela X, 2016

The most honest, efficient, effective, reasonably priced and generally nice company and people I have ever dealt with.

- Paul Shanahan, 2016

Gigantic pool overhaul to include removal of pre-existing deck, install new extended deck, new liner, new entry stairs, new light to include light relocation, new skimmer and skimmer line. Significant job.

I am a Class A contractor in Northern Virginia, so I tend to hold other contractors to standards that they may not be used to. I am outspoken, and will quickly bring up concerns that need attention. That being said, Subcomm was great! Between the office manager Hristo and the field manager MK, the communication was stellar. I am incredibly busy and don't always have time to talk, so email is easiest for me, and let me tell you, when I sent an email to Hristo, I had a response within 1 hour (usually in 15 mins!), this held true in the evenings and the weekends. Whenever there was, what I thought was a problem, they quickly answered with great explanation so I was aware of the processes. When there was an actual problem, their attitude was great, because it wasn't a problem to them. They would identify a solution, implement their solution, and call it a day, leaving me feeling very comfortable with them working for us. Any damaged created from the work, which is inevitable on a project of this scale, was handled quickly and efficiently. Over winter, our brand new pool deck cracked, yikes! MK came out, took a look, and said... "Sir, we have to replace the pool deck. Its under warranty, so your only inconvenience is we have to do more work." and they did, at no cost to me. Seeing those guys work hard for another 4 days to solve a problem that didn't cost me a dime more was great, they didn't cut corners because it was warranty, they did it right!

We interviewed 6 pool contractors before landing on Subcomm, and it was my conversation with MK that gave me the warm fuzzies, he knows his stuff, and it shows. This project was just the beginning of our working relationship. Every single Subcomm employee was polite, hard working, and smiling the entire time! We have now contracted them to be our regular pool maintenance company for the year, and they will be for years to come!

- Dario Compain, Woodbridge VA, 2015

This was the biggest project I have had since I bought my house and so I spent a good deal of time researching and meeting with contractors before I made my decision to go with Subcomm Pools. They gave me a detailed estimate and I understood what needed to be done and the total I would have to pay.

I have an old swimming pool that was built in the 1970s which needed a major overhaul. After reviewing and approving the contract Subcomm Pools were in the next day. They pretty much stripped it down to the foundation. They redid everything from the plaster, to the coping, to the tile, to the filter, to the concrete deck around the pool. They were patient with me when I changed my mind multiple times about the tile I wanted. The guys that did the work from start to finish were communicative, efficient, clean, timely and extremely professional. The time-frame for this project was not only met, but ahead of schedule.

This was a very nice experience, I have dealt with shady contractors before, but these guys are the complete opposite, they stand by there work and product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needed work done and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome.

- Leslie C., Reston, VA, 2015 (Review from )

After 15 summers of uninterrupted swimming and water games with the family in the pool at our Potomac residence, we noticed significant damage to tiles, coping and plaster. We carefully researched and compared several pool service/repair providers in the Washington area, most of which were eager to charge us incredibly high "Potomac prices".

One company stood out, not just for their reasonably priced services but for the technical know-how, professionalism and "low pressure" sales tactics.

After signing the contract and placing a deposit, in approximately 10 working days (double that in calendar days due to high rainfall in the Washington area),  Subcomm Pools delivered on everything that was quoted, and more… They made cost saving suggestions along the way, provided friendly and hardworking personnel that showed up on time, and management was always very responsive to our calls and inquiries (no matter what time or day of the week we called… mainly via email, but also via voice, and text.)

Overall a great experience. I would highly recommend Subcomm Pools (Hristo and Miroslav) to anyone who faces a similar dilemma when opening their pool for the summer.

- Gus and Cristina Crosetto, Potomac MD, 2015

You guys are awesome, fast, reliable, and with great customer service!

- Carlos Villamar, 2015

Thank You for the great job with the pool and see you sometime in May or June.

- Lora, 2014

Hi Hristo, it was my pleasure to be one of your customers. I had leaking pool problems last summer and was making inquiries about fixing it. I have got very lucky to find Subcomm Pools contractors. The team came promptly at appointment time, quickly found a problem with a pool pipes and presented very attractive invoice. I agreed to the term and conditions of the contract and my pool was quickly and efficiently fixed within one week.

Subcomm Pools team was very proficient, enthusiastic and courteous. I recommend this pool company without reservations.

Please contact me if you have questions or need a reference.

- Alexander Mark, 2014

- What problems did you face before hiring Subcomm Pools?
- What did we do to solve those problems?
- What results did you see after using our product/service?
- How do you like working with us?
- How do you feel about the final result?

- Carlos Villamar, 2014

Hello I want to thank you for the service last season getting my pool from green to clear and MArio was great and Chris thank you for listening to me when I would call and the great turn around time when the pool broke down your company is great and I am also sorry to say there is no more pool now city made me tear down it but if you know of any body needing the sand filter or the two pumps I have those to sell plus the ladder to go into pool but again thank you for a great a job

- Mrs. Patherson, 2014

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