Vinyl Liner Installation

Nowadays the vinyl liner is relatively resistant to chemicals and direct sunlight. However, the years cause difference problems with the vinyl liner that require your immediate attention. If your pool has any of the problems below you might simply need a vinyl pool repairing services:

  • vinyl liner bead issues
  • vinyl liner color issue
  • vinyl liner leaking issue

However, if the problem is more complicated and can not be solved with vinyl liner repairing you shall consider vinyl liner installation.

Whether you can installing a brand new or changing an old vinyl liner, the following guidelines will help you out:

In-ground vinyl liner pool installation

The in-ground vinyl liner installation is not that difficult but requires some experience. In practice it takes two or three men no more than 4 hours. Before you start the vinyl liner installation make sure that there are no debris around that could damage the vinyl liner. Install and secure the the vinyl liner tracks around the pool. Once you are done you need to turn on the pool vacuum and place the vinyl liner in the pool base. The vacuum will help you keep the liner in place at all times. Now, place the vinyl liner roll at the shallow end of the pool and start to unroll. It is important to keep the liner 2 to 3 feet off the ground while you are pulling it across the pool to avoid any burnings and tears. Usually the vinyl liner have arrows indicating which direction the liner should be facing. You will see a center seam that is positioned at the center line of the pool. If there are any wrinkles, gently shake the liner to remove them. Attach the vinyl pool liner to the liner tracks. Once this is done, secure the liner with T-locks (rubber tubing that is pressed into the track). Now, brush and tap the vinyl pool liner around the pool the secure the pool with clips.

You are all done! You will know that the vinyl liner installation is completed once the T-locks are put in place, the vacuum is turned off and there are no tears or rips in the pool.

Although the in-ground vinyl pool installation may not seem difficult task you may not want to do it yourself. If you need experienced professionals to do the job for you do you not hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience in the area of in-ground vinyl pool installation services and we will be happy to help you with your pool. 

Above ground vinyl pool installation

If you are about to install a vinyl liner on a your pool you'd better make sure it is a warm day. This will warm up the liner and will avoid liner creases. You may also want two of your friends to assist you on the process.

Start the vinyl pool installation by unfolding the liner. Spread the liner out and put it over the pool walls. You may want to use a foam type base that goes on top of the sand to provide a perfect bottom finish. Once the vinyl liner is placed start filling the pool. Remember to do that very very slowly! The water in the pool will stretch the liner. As the pool starts filling, you need to release the clips of the rail. Release the clips one by one and re-clip it higher up the rail. Make sure that there are no creases left. Once you reach the top of the pool walls you are ready.

The above ground vinyl pool installation is relatively easier. However, if you do not place the liner properly you will experience further problems like cruses or worse liner leaking. That is why, we strongly advise you to contact us. We will arrange the vinyl pool installation in no time and you will have your pool ready for the weekend.

Subcomm Pools is a swimming pool company that will help you with your pool cleaning, pool repairing, vinyl repairing, vinyl liner installation and other pool maintenance services. We are located in Arlington and will happily make your pool like brand new.


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