Vinyl Pool Repair

We will give you few basic advices how to deal with vinyl pool repairing. Nevertheless, we advise you to contact professional vinyl pool repairing company that will evaluate the damage of the vinyl liner and will offer the best advise for your pool. Below we have outlined the most common vinyl pool liner problems:

Vinyl liner bead issues

In practice the vinyl liner has to fit the shape of the pool. In case the liner is too large or too small for the pool, you might experience the bead popping out of the track. In such case, you can use a heat gun to stretch and lock the liner back into the track. Be careful not to melt the vinyl with the heat gun though!

Vinyl liner color issues

The sanitizing chemicals used in the pool will fade the original color of your vinyl liner. To slow down this process you can either avoid the usage of high concentrations of chemicals or find a chemical makeup that will make the vinyl liner resistant to chemical, solar and algae problems. 

Of course, changing the vinyl liner of your pool will surely make it look like brand new. If you need vinyl liner installation do not hesitate to contact us right away. 

Vinyl liner leaking issues

This is the most common problem that you may face especially after using your pool for several years. If you experience difficulties finding the leak contact us and we will do the job for you. Once you detect the leak you need to consider its size. Depending on the size of the leak you can either fix the problem with a vinyl liner patch kit (a "wet" patch kit if the leak is under the water). 

If the leak is bigger you would better contact us immediately. If the leak remains you may cause much bigger problems - corrode the walls or wash away sand on the floor, creating large sinkholes. 

We have been dealing with vinyl pool repairing for a long time now and we have the required knowledge and tools to fix any vinyl liner problems you may face. If you need a vinyl pool repairing do not hesitate to contact us now. 

Subcomm Pools is a highly recommended vinyl pool repairing company. Our services spread in the area of Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and Washington DC.

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