Winter Watch Maintenance

The winter season can be rough on your swimming pool. Without proper care, your swimming pool could look more like a pond in the spring. Winter Watch Maintenance will save you money on repairs and will reduce monthly maintenance in the summer, so you can enjoy your swimming pool even more.

Periodically our team will schedule service and a visit to your swimming pool between your winter closing and spring opening dates. You will only be charged for the actual number of visits we make.

Our Winter Watch program is a low-cost service offered to provide peace of mind to all our customers. The Winter Watch program is designed to catch and minimize damage to the pool and equipment from freezing weather, snow and/or ice.

Our Winter Watch Service provides the following checkups from December through March:

  • During the first visit, we inspect to make sure the swimming pool was properly winterized
  • Swimming pool covers are inspected for tears and adjustments are made to the water bags and springs that hold your cover in place
  • Check that swimming pool cover is secured
  • Water level is checked on swimming pools with mesh covers for proper height
  • Vac skimmer box and add antifreeze to prevent from cracking
  • Treat water to prevent "pond pool" in the spring

Price: $130 per visit.

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