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Your swimming pool filter system is vitally important to your pool. At Subcomm Pools, we can install or repair any type of pool filtering system. If you need a new filtration system, we can offer our expert advice as to which system will work best for your size of pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Filters:

There are three basic types of filters. Each has its own benefits.

  • DE Filters
  • Sand or Glass Media Filters
  • Paper Cartridge Filters

Filter Facts:

D.E. Filters are often considered the most efficient type of pool filters available. They can trap particles down to 3 - 5 microns. They use a pressure gauge to show when backwashing is needed. After backwashing, a new application of D.E. filter powder will need to be added.

Sand or Glass Media Filters are the most popular types of filters. They use special types of sand to trap particles that in the 20-100 micron range. As the media collects the particles, the pressure gauge moves and will indicate when backwashing is needed. Sand filters are low maintenance and easy to operate. Depending on use, the sand may need to be replaced every 7-10 years.

Cartridge Filters are great for spas and smaller pools. The cartridge filter itself resembles a pleated automobile air filter; it can trap particles of 25-100 microns. To clean, the cartridge is removed and hosed thoroughly. The cartridge will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 yrs, depending on level of use.

If you need a new pool filter, or if you just need to talk to an expert about your current filter, give us a call. Subcomm Pools is located in Falls Church, Virginia; we serve Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

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