Rebar/Plaster Patch

Subcomm Pools Offers Quality Rebar and Plaster Patch Services

At Subcomm Pools, we understand that there may be times when you need repair work done on you pool's plaster or rebar. We also know that with many other companies, this kind of repair work can be expensive. That is not the case with Subcomm Pools. Because we are a full-service swimming pool vendor, we are able to provide those specialty type jobs that others cannot, or over-charge for, easily and within a reasonable budget.

Plaster is important to your swimming pool!

It would be unwise to ignore a pool that is having problems with its surface plaster. As you know, once plaster falls off, it does not come back on its own. As plaster peels off, it often causes the holding bond of nearby plaster to weaken, which leads to that area falling off as well. All of this can prevented by allowing Subcomm Pools to plaster patch those areas.

Underwater plastering available:

We can plaster patch and repair those underwater areas that need repair, too. In fact, we specialize in underwater repairs, which saves our customers a lot of money as the pool water does not have to be drained and refilled.

We can repair rebar as well!

In some cases, our customers need repairs made to the inner rebar system of the their pools. This type of work requires special training and expertise, which many other pool companies in this area do not have. Our pool repair team at Subcomm Pools can repair virtually any type of rebar problem that you may be encountering.

If your pool is in need of a plaster patch, or is having a rebar issue, give us a call and let us inspect your pool for free. We can then offer our best advice and give you an accurate estimate on what we would charge you for our services.

Subcomm Pools is located in Falls Church, Virginia; we serve Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

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We are a licensed and insured swimming pool company

Subcomm Pools is a licensed and insured company