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Subcoom Pools: The Best In Pool Covers Sales and Service

At Subcomm Pools, we offer some of the best swimming pool covers on the market today. We also install both custom pool covers as as well as basic safety mesh and solid pool covers from Loop Loc. These remarkable pool covers will ensure that your pool is protected from accidental fall-in's as well as protect your pool during the winter season.

Why Use Quality Pool Covers?

An investment in a quality pool cover is an investment that pays off for years to come. A quality pool cover will help to keep debris out of your pool, help to preserve the quality and cleanliness of the water, and can help to protect against people or pets from accidentally falling into the pool.

Because a quality swimming pool cover can shape itself to fit the pool's shape, it can protect the entire pool, not just parts of it. This ensures a tight, lasting fit that requires little, if any, maintenance from the pool owner once the cover is in place.

Two Types of Safety Covers: Mesh and Solid

There are two basic types of safety covers consumers can choose from: mesh and solid. Both of the these safety covers provide excellent protection against accidental fall-in's.

The mesh safety cover offers a benefit that solid covers only half-meet, and that is with a mesh safety cover, water cannot accumulate on the surface of the cover; it drains right through the mesh. With a solid safety cover, you will get some drainage capability—safety standards require this—but you may have to open vents in order to allow the water to pass through. Some solid safety covers come with an automatic cover pump.

If you need a new swimming pool cover, give us a call at Subcomm Pools. We are always eager to answer questions and offer our expert advice on the pool products and services our customers need.

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