How to Replace Your Swimming Pool Liner

If your swimming pool has a vinyl liner, chances are it will need to be replaced at some point in time. The following will give you an idea if you want to tackle this job or have professionals do it for you.

Step 1:
Drain your pool and remove ladders, drain plates, fixtures, etc. 

Step 2:
To remove the old liner, begin by pulling the liner bead off of the track. The liner will be very heavy, so use a sharp blade to cut it into manageable pieces.

Step 3:
Once the liner is off, check the walls of the pool, looking for rust or other problems. If you find rusty spots, sand and prime them now. If you find corrosion that is bad, consider using pool wall foam to cover the area. You can get this from a pool supply outlet.

Tip: To help disguise the seam, put some duct tape over the seams where they meet. 

Check where the liner bead goes into the liner track. If repairs are needed, make them now.
Step 4:
Now is a great time to check the pool floor. If your liner sits on sand, inspect for mud or discoloration. This means the old liner leaked in that area and you should replace this sand with new sand. Remove any debris, rocks, and so forth that may be in the new sand. Smooth the area with a rake or trowel.
If you have a concrete floor, inspect for cracks and other forms of damage. Make repairs as needed.

Step 5:
This next step requires more than one pair of hands; get some buddies to help. Start by draping the new liner over/across the pool. Do not drag it over the pool surface!
Check the liner instructions; most manufacturers recommend that you start working from the deep end first, but some do not. Once it is stretched across the swimming pool, slowly and carefully let the liner down onto the pool floor.

Step 6:
To secure the liner to the bead track, carefully insert outer edge of bead into track. Carefully, move around the pool, slipping the bead in as you move. Take your time and do this right the first time.
Step 7:
Next, you need to get the air out from the liner. Do this by closing the skimmer hole (you can use duct tape for this). Now, slip a vacuum hose down between the liner and the pool wall. Seal the hose entrance with tape. Start the vacuum. If you sealed properly, the wrinkles in the liner should begin to disappear.

Step 8:
Do NOT turn off the vacuum yet. Start adding water to the pool. Remember: leave the vacuum running while the pool is filling! Fill until there is about four inches of water in the deep part of the swimming pool.

Get into the pool and find the drain. Take out the drain gasket screws and put the second gasket onto the drain. Set this gasket with self-tapping screws. Once it is in place, cut the liner, being careful to cut around the inside of both of the gaskets. Then, replace (or attach) drain cover.

Step 9:
Let the vacuum run until you have about three inches of water in the shallow end of the pool. Now, you can turn off the vacuum. Remove the hose, and carefully slip the bead liner into the track (where the vacuum hose was inserted).

Step 10:
Replace the ladders and fixtures and fill your pool!

As a homeowner you want your swimming pool to look inviting and invigorating at all times. By using the above tips you can ensure that your swimming pool has a long life, providing you and your family with years of enjoyment.

If you don’t have the time or desire to maintain your pool you can contact us and we will do that for you.

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