Equipment Repair and Installation

Subcomm Pools, Your Local Source For Equipment Repair and Installation

At Subcoom Pools, we repair and install all types of swimming pool equipment, including the following:

Swimming pool heaters:

We can install or repair a variety of pool heaters, including heaters that run on:

  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Propane

Please read our in-depth article on Swimming Pool Heaters for more information.

Swimming pool pumps and motors:

Pool pumps and motors are critical for the proper circulation of the water. The motor runs the pumps, and the pumps create the suction to pull water into the filter and then push the water back out into the pool.

Chlorine generators and feeders:

Pool chlorine feeders and generators must operate properly in order to keep the pool water free from harmful bacteria and other contaminates. While the type of pool chemical feeder you use will depend on the size and type of pool or spa you have, the feeder must work properly to protect you and your family.

Control boards:

There are many types of control boards and panels in use today. We can install the right type of panel for your pool, or we can repair the panel you now have if it is not working properly. Pool controls can be used to automate virtually every function of your swimming pool, and can also be used to control certain backyard features.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners:

Automatic pool cleaners can take the work out of keeping your pool sparkling clean. We sell and repair all types of automatic pool cleaners. Please see our in-depth article on Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners.


Your swimming pool filter is a central part of your its operating system. There are three basic types of filters:

  • Sand/Glass media
  • DE
  • Paper cartridge

Subcomm Pools can install or repair any type of swimming pool filter. Please read our in-depth article on Swimming Pool Filters.

Light bulbs and fixtures:

Underwater lighting brings new life to any pool. We can install new lighting to your pool or we can repair your current pool lighting problems, including replacement of any fixtures that may have become corrosive over time.

Filter Pump Timers:

We can install or repair filter pump timers which are some of the most useful controls pool owners can have available to them. We offer and repair both mechanical and digital timers. Timers can be set to various configurations to help save you money, time, and chemical costs.

And Much More!

If you need pool equipment installed or need current equipment repaired, call Subcomm Pools first. Our technicians are experienced, trained, and reliable.

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Subcomm Pools is a licensed and insured company