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Many swimming pool owners are considering new ways of having chlorine delivered to their water that are safer and more ecologically friendly. If you are one of these owners, you may want to consider using salt chlorinators. At Subcomm Pools, we can install and repair all types of chlorinators, including salt chlorinators.

Why Choose Salt Chlorination?

Salt chlorinators convert salt into pure chlorine and dispense it into your pool water for effective sanitizing of the water. You get all the power of standard chlorine but without the harshness that causes red eyes, bleaching, odors, and occasional skin irritations.

Using salt is easy, too. No need for you to measure, mix, or fool around with tablets or liquid chlorine. Salt chlorinators will leave your swimming pool water clean and leave your water softer as well.

There are many benefits to using salt chlorinators and we would be happy to explain them to you. We can also offer expert advice on which type of chlorinator will work best for you and your pool.

Subcomm Pools is located in Falls Church, Virginia; we serve Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

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Subcomm Pools is a licensed and insured company