When to Consider an Acid Wash for Your Swimming Pool

Acid washing is required only when certain conditions exists with your pool. If, for instance, the pool closing process was performed incorrectly, owners may discover that their pool water has turned “black” when they reopen the pool. Swimming pools that have been stagnant for periods of time will grow algae, encourage the growth of certain water-borne creatures, and give off a foul odor. When these conditions are present, an acid wash is the most effective remedy. It is also the most cost-effective. If it is difficult or impossible for you to see the bottom of your pool, call us for an acid wash.

The Acid Wash Process

The process is fairly straightforward but must be performed correctly to be effective. We will drain the pool and then treat the pool surfaces with a prepared acid-water mixture, scrubbing off algae and slime. The mixture is then neutralized with soda ash and drained again. After the pool cleaning process is complete, the pool can be filled safely with fresh water.

Please Note: Acid can be dangerous to work with and requires special training and protective gear. Pool owners are not encouraged to attempt an acid wash on their own unless they have been properly trained to do so.

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