When to Consider an Acid Wash for Your Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools, while a source of relaxation and fun, demand regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and safety. One such maintenance procedure is acid washing. However, it's not a routine treatment but is required under specific circumstances. If, for instance, the pool wasn't shut down correctly at the end of the season, you might find an unwelcome surprise – water turned an unsettling shade of “black” upon its reopening. Additionally, pools left stagnant for too long become a breeding ground for algae, fostering water-borne organisms and releasing foul odors. Under these circumstances, acid washing stands out not only as the most potent solution to refresh your pool's health but also as the most cost-efficient method. If the murkiness of your pool water obscures its bottom, it might be time to think about an acid wash.

Diving Deeper into the Acid Wash Process

While the acid wash procedure is fairly linear, its effectiveness hinges on meticulous execution. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Draining the Pool: Before anything else, the pool is thoroughly drained. This ensures all residues and sediments settle, making the subsequent steps more effective.
  2. Application of Acid-Water Solution: The pool surfaces are treated with a balanced acid-water mixture, meticulously crafted to dissolve and lift off algae, slime, and other contaminants without excessively harming the pool surface.
  3. Scrubbing Off the Residue: With the application complete, dedicated scrubbing ensures the complete removal of all undesirable elements, restoring the pool's original luster.
  4. Neutralization and Rinsing: Post scrubbing, it's crucial to neutralize the acidic mixture. Soda ash serves this purpose, ensuring the pool’s surface is free from any acidic remnants. The pool is then drained again to remove this mixture.
  5.  Refilling: With the pool surface now pristine, it's refilled with fresh water, priming it for another season of enjoyment.

Safety First

The nature of the chemicals involved in acid washing mandates a word of caution. Acids, by their very nature, are corrosive and can pose safety risks if not handled with care. They require expert handling, specialized training, and the right protective equipment. As such, we urge pool owners to think of safety first and avoid DIY attempts without the necessary know-how.

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